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The temporary graphical catalogue is accessible through the Google Drive file storage service for all those with @consfi.it or @stud.consfi.it accounts. Patrons who do not work or study at the Conservatorio are invited to send a request to biblioteca@consfi.it

Accessing the catalogue
  • From Drive: sign in into your @consfi account and navigate to Google Drive, either through App Google Menu or by typing drive.google.com in the browser. The Catalogo Biblioteca Cherubini will appear under Shared Drives from the menu on the left.
  • With the link: sign in into your @consfi account. Navigate to Catalogo Biblioteca Cherubini 
  • By phone: scan the QR code on the flyer or poster.
Access as an external user

Patrons outside of the @consfi domain may use their own Google account after the catalogue has been explicitly shared. To access the shared drive, type Catalogo Biblioteca Cherubini, you will be redirected to the catalogue. Once open, please allow the Drive to replicate and index the digital library cards, this may take up to a few hours. After a while the Catalogo Biblioteca Cherubini will also appear in the Shared drives section.

Full-text search

Navigate to the shared drive and enter your query in the search bar. To limit your search results  to the catalogue only (and not to your personal files) select the name of the drive from the chip Location, alternatively choose the option Search within Catalogo Biblioteca Cherubini from the shared drive menu, as shown below.

Viewing the results and requesting loan

To quickly view the results, switch to the grid layout, which will display the cards as thumbnails. Scroll through the results and select the card you are interested in, double-click it to see the full card.

The cards may contain links to the external resources with detailed information on the work, such as the public catalogue of The National Library Service of Italy.

In addition to digitised library cards, you may find:

  • orange digital cards with Catalogo SBN sign, they indicate the works (usually of recent acquisition) available in the public catalogue of The National Library Service of Italy. The cards usually contain the call number and a link to the complete bibliographic record.
  • purple digital cards with Digitalizzazioni sign: these are for works that have been fully or partially reproduced digitally, you may contact the library to obtain the copy.
  • grey digital cards with Libretti sign: these are for libretti that are described by Corago project; each card will have a link to the relevant page of their website, where you may find digital copies and full bibliographic record.


  • Sky-blue digital cards refer to the works in Fondo Pitti.
  • light green digital cards: these list periodicals available in the library archive

To borrow, access on site or reproduce digitally the work you are interested in, please refer the title and the call number to the librarian, you may also download the card and attach it to the request via email.

Refine your search

re minore – will search for all the cards that contain both words, re and minore.

“re minore” – will search for all cards that contain the exact expression.

re -minore +maggiore  – will search for all cards that contain re, but do not contain minore, followed by maggiore

“re minore” type:img – will search only for all cards of digitised catalogue, type:pdf only for cards taken from other sources

Visual search

It is also possible to visually search the digitised catalogue, in the same manner as a traditional one.

The shared drive contains following directories:

  • A-Z contains the general author catalogue, divided by letters that correspond to physical drawers, for example ANS-AZZ.
  • Fondo Basevi contains the author catalogue of the Fondo Basevi (link alla descrizione dei fondi)
  • Fondo Pitti contains the graphical catalogue of the Fondo Pitti (link alla descrizione dei fondi) 
  • Emeroteca contains one card for each periodical conserved in the library archive, the cards are ordered by title. 
  • Libretti contains the graphical catalogue of the libretti that were catalogued and digitised by the Corago project, the cards are ordered by call number.


The Catalogo SBN folder has the digital cards taken from the public catalogue of The National Library Service of Italy, they carry basic information and the link to full bibliographical record. The cards are there to complement full-text search.

To visually search the folder, change the visualisation layout to grid and order the cards by name to restore the original order. Click on the down arrow to order from A to Z or the up arrow to order from Z to A.

Scroll the thumbnails to visually search the author or title of your interest. You may download the card by clicking the download button in right upper corner.


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